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Maheu&Maheu Crawling Insect Killer and Maheu&Maheu Flying Insect Killer are the most appropriate insecticides for spiders. Normally, applying an insecticide locally in the upper and lower corners of the various rooms is sufficient. When there is an abundant population, it may be necessary to spray a liquid insecticide on the exterior surface of the house. Nevertheless, spiders are useful organisms as they eat a number of harmful insects. It is therefore better not to kill them unless they are very numerous, and, consequently, annoying. There is also a liquid product that prevents spiders from building their webs. It must be applied to wall surfaces after removing webs that are already there.


  • Put out glue traps inside the house
  • Spot treat with insecticide indoors
  • Spray or treat the outside perimeter of the house with an insecticide as well as the outsides of windows and doors if a lot of spiders are getting in


  • Seal the outsides of windows, doors, eaves, chimneys, etc. as completely as possible
  • Use yellow incandescent bulbs outdoors (such as Philips Bug-A-Way) instead of soft white ones

Description and development

Spiders are not really insects as they have four pairs of legs and two-part bodies, while insects have three pairs of legs and three-part bodies. Nevertheless, they are closely related.
The female generally lays her eggs in a silk egg sack that she carries with her or hides carefully to protect it from harm. The eggs usually hatch several weeks after they are laid. The hatched young already look like tiny adults and do not undergo metamorphosis; instead, they molt several times before attaining their adult size.


Although most spiders come in from outside, some species tend to live inside our homes. They eat insects they hunt or catch in their webs.


Long-term use of glue board traps can be an effective means of reducing their numbers. Also, when large spiders are present, we suggest repairing or installing screens on your home?s doors, windows, and air ducts to keep them from entering. It is also a good idea to occasionally remove the webs?as well as the spiders and their eggs?with a broom or vacuum cleaner.

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