Watch out for firewood!

September 5th, 2023

Be careful when bringing firewood into your house. You may be introducing pests into your home as well. Inspect the wood carefully!

The arrival of cool, fall weather is a reminder that it's time to bring wood into the house so you can enjoy the warmth of the fire during the cold winter months. But careful, we are not the only ones seeking warmth; insects are also looking for ways to avoid winter's chill. The problem is that many insects choose firewood as a shelter from the cold.

A number of insect species take up residence under the bark, inside the wood, and in cracks in the logs. Once you bring the wood inside, the change in temperature often wakes them up and, unfortunately, you may end up with unwanted houseguests.

Most insects are harmless, but some can adapt to their new environment and cause problems over the years. Carpenter ants are an excellent example! The only way to know if insects from your firewood are harmless or not is to identify them. Our Maheu&Maheu consultants and pest management technicians can help.

To avoid introducing insects into your home, we strongly recommend that you inspect logs meticulously before bringing them inside. If they seem suspect, apply some Maheu&Maheu Insecticide Dust . The powder has very low toxicity for humans and provides long term effectiveness.

The Technical Team

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