Maheu&Maheu : 75 years of expertise

April 28th, 2008

Quebec's business Maheu&Maheu, Canada's leader in the pest management field, celebrates this year its 75th anniversary.

Always in the forefront, the business is now established in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Animated by a passion for excellence, Maheu&Maheu stands out from its competitors thanks to its advanced expertise.

The business, founded in 1933 in Quebec City, is still managed by its founder's descendants. Moreover, it is now the leader firm in many areas (agricultural, agrifood, industrial and commercial and residential division). Its success and impressive expansion is due to its innovative strategic and environmental policies. Maheu&Maheu is also certified ISO 9002 since 1996. It puts the respect of family values and its customers' needs in the heart of its management policy.

On April 26th, at the employees' annual meeting, the business' history was unveiled. This event was more than just a simple chronology. Its purpose was to recognize the business' constant growth since its foundation. The meeting was also the occasion to acknowledge the good work of the regional offices and of its employees. A grand celebration for Maheu&Maheu's anniversary is just as noteworthy as its partners and employees' pride.

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